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Lanao Sur celebrates Health Day

Islamic City of Marawi (30 July) -- To give emphasis on the importance of health, the provincial government of Lanao del Sur declared July 29 of every year as Lanao Health Day.
According to Atty. Amenodin Macalandap, provincial chief-of-staff, the declaration is a reaffirmation of the provincial government's commitment to provide efficient and effective delivery of healthcare services.
"The effective and efficient delivery of basic and regular healthcare services to our people is one of the major concerns of the provincial government because having physically and mentally healthy constituents is a prelude to the progress and development of the province," the chief-of-staff said.
Dr. Alinader Minalang, head of the Integrated Provincial Health Office (IPHO), said the pronouncement of Governor Mamintal 'Bombit' Adiong Jr. stresses the significance of health in the province and the health programs being undertaken by the governor in partnership with the IPHO.
In observance of the Lanao Health Day, the provincial government together with the IPHO and Department of Health-Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (DOH-ARMM) conducted free cataract operation, minor surgical operation, optical services, dental services, medical consultation and treatment as well as voluntary blood donation.
"We also launched the healthy lifestyle program to advocate the healthy lifestyle practices because one of the leading causes of death in the province is cardiovascular diseases and this could be prevented through healthy lifestyle," Minalang stressed.
"We did a 'hataw' exercise participated by the employees of the provincial government and the IPHO as well as the DOH-ARMM team spearheaded by Secretary Kadil Sinolinding Jr.," he added.
A mobile clinic equipped with basic modern equipment was also inaugurated during the celebration.
With the theme "Serving the Underserved," the observance of Lanao Health Day afforded more than 500 constituents with free optical services, more than 400 were also provided free dental services and almost 100 patients operated with minor surgery.

Oplan Sagip Mata benefits 78 Lanao Sur patients

Islamic City of Marawi (30 July) -- Seventy-eight (78) patients were recently operated, free of charge, through the Oplan Sagip Mata conducted by the Integrated Provincial Health Office (IPHO) which started Tuesday, July 27.
IPHO Chief Dr. Alinder Minalang said they were able to operate 49 constituents suffering from cataract and 29 patients for ptyredium.
"The eye operation was spearheaded by the Secretary of the Department of Health - Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (DOH-ARMM), Dr. Kadil Sinolinding Jr., who himself is an ophthalmologist, together with his team from Cotabato City," he further said.
According to him, the free eye operation was conducted because a lot of their constituents are suffering from cataract that may lead to blindness.
Minalang also disclosed that there were 531 patients screened but only 156 qualified for the surgery because the rest have health problems that might complicate the operation.
Aside from the free eye operation, the patients were also given free medicines and were required to return one week after for another check-up.
The Oplan Sagip Mata was made possible in partnership with the provincial government and the regional government thru the DOH-ARMM.

Marawi holds Ulama forum on cigarette smoking

Islamic City of Marawi (30 July) -- Maranao religious leaders or Ulama convened in a forum yesterday, July 29, and discussed the recent Fatwa on Smoking Cigarette.
The Supreme Council of Darul Ifta of the Philippines recently released a Fatwa declaring tobacco or cigarette smoking "haram" or forbidden.
The Fatwa also prohibits the manufacturing and selling of tobacco or cigarette.
A fatwa is an Islamic ruling or a scholarly opinion on a matter of Islamic law issued by a recognized religious authority called "Mufti".
Under the Islamic ruling, smoking cigarette is forbidden in the Sharia'h or Islamic Jurisprudence because of its being filthy, containing harmful chemicals.
"Almighty Allah has permitted only good things for His servants such as food, drinks and other lawful ones," the ruling stated.
According to the Fatwa, smoking cigarette in all its form is prohibited because it does not belong to good things.
The Fatwa further stated that Muslims should not do something that causes destruction to their body and that smoking is a form of destruction.
It was likewise proven from the Messenger of Allah that Almighty Allah forbids wasting money and spending money in buying cigarette is wasting money.
Furthermore, scientific research showed that smoking cigarette is harmful to the body as well as to those people around the smoker and harming is prohibited in the Sharia'h whether such harm is on oneself or other people," the Fatwa further stated.

PCID: PNoy's straightforward SONA shows he will not allow corruption

Islamic City of Marawi (28 July) -- The Philippine Council for Islam and Democracy (PCID) hailed the straightforward State of the Nation Address (SONA) of President Benigno C. Aquino III in which he exposed the anomalies discovered by his team.
According to the group, it indicates that P-Noy's administration does not tolerate corruption.
The PCID also supports the position of the President that lasting peace can only be achieved if all stakeholders engage in an honest dialogue: may they be Moro, Lumad or Christian.
"We strongly agree with, and support, the position of the President that the end to the conflict can only be achieved through peaceful political negotiations that is inclusive. We at the PCID have always maintained that military strategy will not bring peace but only misery and poverty to our people. Peace is the only way to peace," the group said in a statement.
PCID further expressed appreciation on P-Noy's pronouncement that the peace negotiations with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) will begin after Ramadan.
The group also hopes that the President would order the military to stand down during the holy month of Ramadan to allow our Muslim sisters and brothers to observe Ramadan in peace.
"We will have faith, however, that President Aquino, who is the President of the Bangsamoro, fully aware of the mistakes committed by past regimes, will rectify these injustices and finally provide the Muslims in the Philippines the decent life they deserve," the group further said.
PCID is a non-governmental organization dedicated to the study of Islamic and democratic political thoughts and the search for a peaceful solution to the conflicts affecting Muslim communities

Military pursues peace building efforts, says WESMINCOM commander

Islamic City of Marawi (22 July) -- The Western Mindanao Command (WESMINCOM) is in the midst of a paradigm-shift in the way it is conducting its operations.
According to the WESMINCOM commanding officer Gen. Benjamin Dolorfino, they are embarking on a campaign design that has an operational mix of 20%) intelligence-driven combat operations and eighty percent (80%) civil-military operations (CMO) and nation building.
"In addition to our primordial military task of confronting the enemies of the state, we are expanding our role in CMO and nation building by taking the lead in building and transforming relationship with the local governments and the people to address the root causes of internal security problems in Mindanao," Dolorfino said.
He said the internal security problems in Mindanao are likened to a tree where the branches and leaves respectively represent the different threat groups and their members while the roots represent the multi-dimensional root causes that significantly affect people's lives namely military, political, socio-economic, cultural, environmental and informational.
The WESMINCOM chief cited that these dimensions have respective problems that collectively contribute to the internal security problems stressing that each dimension is not isolated but rather interconnected with each other.
"It is in this light that we are pursuing six (6) lines of operation that correspond to the six dimensions," Dolorfino further said.
"We are conducting military operations: to promote peace and order; CMO to facilitate good governance; CMO to promote socio-economic development; CMO to promote cultural cohesiveness and harmony; CMO to promote sustainable environment; and CMO to enhance public information," he added.
He said soldier should not only be a warrior but also a bridging leader, facilitator of good governance and socio-economic development, conflict manager, environmentalist and information specialist.
"We are transforming from war fighting to peacemaking, peacekeeping and peace building," the WESMINCOM stressed.

Armed forces, gov't should work together, says general

Islamic City of Marawi (22 July) -- Stakeholders from the armed forces, local government units (LGUs), and civil society organizations were urged by Western Mindanao Command (WESMINCOM) commanding officer General Benjamin Dolorfino to work together for the peace, development and security in Lanao del Sur.
According to Dolorfino, the society is a trinity of the armed forces, the government and the people who must interact with each other.
He said a strong foundation of these three (3) stakeholders is an indicator of a strong society with peace, development and security being facilitated as long as they mutually support each other.
"Let us all draw inspiration from the words of the President Benigno Simeon C. Aquino III that it would take a "whole society approach" to promote peace, development and consequently, security for all Filipinos," he added.
The President in his June 30 inaugural address called for people empowerment and participative kind of governance. "Kung marami tayong magpapasan ng krus ay kakayanin natin ito, gaano man kabigat. Sa tulong ng wastong pamamahala sa mga darating na taon, maiibsan din ang marami nating problema."
"All of us must cooperate and collaborate for the needed reforms for the common good of all Filipinos," Dolorfino said.
The WESMINCOM chief also cited the crucial role that people should play in governance.
He said the role of the citizens does not end with voting the right leaders during elections but it should extend to active participation in governance in whatever capacity they may have in the society.
"Let us be good and responsible citizens of our country, beyond ourselves, our family and our respective organization, we have social and civic responsibilities for the common good of our country," Dolorfino further said.

WESMINCOM chief proposes creation of local internal security coordinating center

Islamic City of Marawi (22 July) -- The Commanding Officer of the Western Mindanao Command (WESMINCOM) proposed the creation of a Provincial / City Internal Security Coordinating Center (PISCC) to facilitate the orchestration and convergence of efforts in solving internal security problems.
The proposal was aired by Gen. Benjamin Dolorfino during the Lanao Peace Summit 2010 held in this city Wednesday, July 21.
He said the PISCC which shall be composed of six (6) committees will function as the operating mechanism of the peace and order council.
The committees shall include the Joint Security Coordinating Committee (JSCC), Political Committee, Socio-Economic Committee, Cultural Committee, Environmental Committee and the Public Information Committee.
"The JSCC will be now under the chairmanship of the local chief executive and it will be responsible in enforcing the rule of law, promoting peace and order and prosecuting cases," he said.
The political committee shall be composed of local government offices involved in governance. It shall formulate and implement interaction and feedback mechanism with the people to enhance the delivery of government services.
The socio-economic committee on the other hand shall be composed of local government offices involved in socio-economic development. It will cater to the welfare and well-being of the people through the delivery of basic government, education, socio-economic empowerment and calamity / disaster response and relief operations.
In addition, the cultural committee shall be composed of local government offices involved in the promotion of cultural harmony, peace advocacy and conflict resolution. It will be involved in interfaith activities, peace advocacy, conflict mediation, reconciliation and culture sensitivity activities.
Moreover, the environment committee shall be composed of local government offices involved in environmental preservation and waste management while the public information committee which shall be composed of local government offices involved in the delivery of information to the general public will be responsible for the prompt and truthful delivery of public information, dissemination of information about the programs and projects of the government, as well as countering misinformation or disinformation.
"Here in the Lanao provinces, we likewise propose the creation of multi-agency task force to achieve integration of efforts of the military and all law enforcement agencies such as the PNP, PDEA, NBI and even DOJ," Dolorfino further added.
The WESMINCOM chief also revealed that they will also recommend to the national leadership the creation of a special court to prosecute cases of kidnapping, illegal drugs and illegal possession of firearms.

Lanao execs urged to promote good leadership

Islamic City of Marawi (22 July) -- Local Chief Executives (LCEs) here in Lanao del Sur were encouraged to provide good leadership in orchestrating multi-dimensional programs, projects and activities that would promote convergence of efforts for peace, development and security.
Gen. Benjamin Dolorfino of the Western Mindanao Command (WESMINCOM) stressed the lead role that local government units (LGUs) play in promoting peace, development and security during the peace summit held recently in this city.
He also said LGUs must link hands with the people and the armed forces to form a united front for peace, development and security.
For his part, Marawi City Mayor Fahad 'Pre' Salic said he agreed with the WESMINCOM chief.
He stressed that he is willing to work together with the provincial governor in order to uphold peace and order in the city.
Salic further said that all LCEs of the province must work in unison to achieve peace and development in the entire province.

ARMM dad supports PNoy's peace settlement approach

Islamic City of Marawi (21 July) -- Acting Governor of the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) vowed support to the approach of President Benigno C. Aquino III in settling conflicts in Mindanao.
In his inaugural speech, the newly-elected President promised a sincere approach in dealing with all the peoples in Mindanao. "We are committed to a peaceful and just settlement of conflicts, inclusive of the interests of all, may they be Lumads, Bangsamoro or Christian."
The acting governor said the intention of P-Noy to work for a comprehensive peace settlement in Southern Philippines has brought fresh hope to the region.
It is heartening to know that despite the greater cynicism pervading his administration, P-Noy committed to the aspiration of a lasting peace in Mindanao, Adiong said.
Adiong also believed that P-Noy's comprehensive peace settlement, if realized, will become the defining moment of his leadership just like his mother, the late President Corazon Aquino, who has worked for the creation of the ARMM in 1989.
The President is once again on our side, Adiong proudly cited.
Governor Adiong likewise urged his constituents to support the President. "By all means, we must support him. Let us not allow selfish interest to stand in his way."

Lanao Sur stakeholders consulted for regional peace agenda

Islamic City of Marawi (21 July) -- Stakeholders from various sectors gathered here yesterday, July 20, and expressed their ideas and suggestions on how to address the issues, concerns and challenges confronting the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM).
In the launching of the region-wide consultations dubbed as ARMM Peace Summit, more than 200 representatives from various sectors came-up with a shared vision and perspective to enhance peace and stability in the region.
With the theme "Towards Lasting Peace and Sustainable Development in Southern Philippines," the summit aimed to solicit ideas experiences and practices that will serve as a basis in creating a regional peace framework.
The said summit also redefined the contribution of the ARMM in the implementation and fulfilment of the 1996 Final Peace Agreement between the GRP and the MNLF as well as in the on-going GRP-MILF peace process.
ARMM Acting Governor Ansaruddin Adiong said he was overwhelmed by the cooperation and commitment of his constituents in addressing the decade-long Mindanao peace problem.
"In spite of our different views on how to solve the Mindanao conflict, we must stand together on a greater resolve on this issue," he said.
He also stressed that peace and order is the primary tool in attaining socio, economic and political development in the region.
"At this critical point, we must continue to dialogue and debate with every stakeholder in order to have a clear consensus because it is only through a meaningful peace can we attain a better life in the region," the acting governor further said.

Training on nutrition program management slated for Lanao Sur RHUs

Marantao, Lanao del Sur (16 July) -- Representatives from the various Rural Health Units (RHUs) of this province will undergo a training on nutrition program management (NPM) on July 26-30 this year at Maze Park, Iligan City.
This development was disclosed by the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) National Nutrition Council (NNC) coordinator during the nutrition month celebration at Kalaw Elementary School, this town.
Dr. Eloisa Usman, NNC Regional Coordinator, said the training aims to ensure that the implementation of nutrition programs at the provincial and municipal levels will be consistent with the national nutrition policy and program framework.
She further said the NPM is just one of the three trainings slated by the NNC to alleviate malnutrition and hunger in the province.
Statistics revealed that there is a high prevalence of hunger and malnutrition in the ARMM.
Earlier this year, the NNC forged a partnership with the ARMM to institutionalize the fight against hunger and malnutrition in the region.
The MOA provides for the creation of a regional nutrition council that will implement the projects under the Promote Good Nutrition (PGN) component of the Accelerated Hunger Mitigation Program (AHMP) in the ARMM provinces which includes Maguindanao, Sulu, Basilan, Tawi-Tawi and this province.
Among the PGN-related activities mentioned in the MOA includes the training of trainers on nutrition management program; basic course for barangay nutrition scholars; and training on PGN for municipal, city and barangay implementers.

NNC-ARMM encourages breastfeeding to ensure infant health

Marantao, Lanao del Sur (16 July) -- The National Nutrition Council (NNC) in the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) pushes for exclusive and continuous breastfeeding to guarantee the health and growth of infants in the region.
NNC Regional Coordinator Dr. Eloisa Usman campaigned the practice of breastfeeding by urging mothers of young infants to exclusively breastfeed for the first six (6) months and introduce complementary feeding with continuous breastfeeding from six (6) months until their infants reaches two (2) years.
"Exclusive breastfeeding for the first six (6) months of an infant's life followed by continued breastfeeding with the appropriate supplementation until the age of two (2) is an effective means of ensuring your infant's health and growth," Usman stressed.
The NNC regional coordinator promoted the breastfeeding campaign during medical and dental mission conducted by the Integrated Provincial Health Office (IPHO) at Kalaw Elementary School this town.
The medical and dental mission is in line with this year's Nutrition Month celebration with the theme, "Sa Pagkaing Tama at Sapat, Wastong Timbang ni Baby ang Katapat."

Lanao Sur IPHO chief underscores importance of proper nutrition

Marantao, Lanao del Sur (16 July) -- Provincial Health Officer Dr. Alinader Minalang yesterday underscored the importance of proper nutrition in the growth and development of children.
Malnutrition is very crucial in the physical and intellectual development of children. It can determine their potential to grow, learn and contribute to the development of the province, Minalang stressed.
The Integrated Provincial Health Office (IPHO) chief made the statement during the celebration of the National Nutrition Month held at Kalaw Elementary School of this town.
Minalang cited that Lanao del Sur has a high prevalence of malnutrition making proper nutrition a major concern in the province.
He thus recommended the strategy of giving complementary foods to prevent malnutrition and improve the health conditions of children.
According to him this year's celebration theme, "Sa Pagkaing Tama at Sapat, Wastong Timbang ni Baby ang Katapat," emphasized the importance of giving complementary foods to promote health and combat malnutrition among children.
Complementary foods are classified into energy giving foods (GO), body building foods (GROW), and regulating foods (GLOW).
Activities that marked the celebration include Food Exhibit and Nutrition Quiz Bee.
The IPHO staff also assessed the nutritional status of the schoolchildren to see if they need additional interventions.
Free toothbrush and toothpaste were also given to the schoolchildren.
Furthermore, body mass index (BMI) taking, deworming of schoolchildren, medical consultation as well as dental services were also provided.
We hope that these services will uplift the health and quality of life of schoolchildren and people around Kalaw Elementary School, the IPHO chief said.
He also vowed to continue undertaking similar activities to improve the health status and quality of life of his constituents.
The nutrition month celebration was a joint undertaking of the IPHO, Freemason's Rajah Indarapatra Lodge 387 and Department of Education Lanao del Sur Division 1-B.

Yusoph son's kidnapper killed in Lanao Sur clash

Islamic City of Marawi (15 July) -- The leader of a group allegedly holding the son of an election official was killed during an encounter with military troops yesterday, afternoon, at Masiu town here in Lanao del Sur. 

Military identified the slain suspect as Dimaporo Dimasacal alias Commander Delta.
Authorities said the encounter was the result of pursuit operations against the lawless group.
Last Tuesday morning, the Delta Force ambushed a military troop in Poona Bayabao killing one soldier and leaving five others wounded.

1 soldier killed, 5 wounded in Lanao Sur clash

Islamic City of Marawi (15 July) -- One soldier from the 51st Infantry Battalion of the 1st Infantry Brigade, Philippine Army, was killed while five (5) others were slightly wounded in an encounter Tuesday morning, at Brgy. Gata, Poona Bayabao town here in Lanao del Sur. 

The troops were on board a military vehicle to pick-up and escort the owner of ROGENOX Construction at Iligan City who will conduct an ocular inspection on its Lake Lanao Circumferential Road project in Lumbatan town, this province. 

The wounded include Cpl. Rey O. Catubig, Pfc. Mohammad P. Asnawi, Pfc. Junard S. Bantillo, Pfc. Bryan B. Santander, and Pfc. Roy B. Piquiro while Pfc. Nelvin C. Balvestamin was declared dead on arrival at Amai Pakpak Medical Center, this city. 
According to a military report, the confrontation could be a diversionary tactics of a certain lawless group to distract the military from its on-going search and rescue operations for Nuraldin Yusoph, son of COMELEC Commissioner Elias Yusoph. 

The report further disclosed that those responsible for the attack were identified as the Delta Force under Dimaporo Maniri Dimasacal alias Delta. 

Delta Force was also the suspected kidnappers of Nuraldin. 

Brig. Gen. Rey C. Ardo, Commanding Officer of the 103rd Infantry Brigade condemned the incident. Such crooked act, he said, cannot be tolerated. 

"We condemn this lawlessness bred from selfish motives. Our soldiers are providing security to this development project which the residents and future generations of this province will benefit from," Ardo said

Cleanliness best way to fight dengue, says Lanao Sur health officials

Islamic City of Marawi (14 July) -- Lanao del Sur health officials and various stakeholders agreed that proper sanitation and cleanliness is still the best measure to prevent the spread of dengue-carrying mosquitoes.
The consensus was reached during the recent provincial dengue task force coordination meeting spearheaded by the Integrated Provincial Health Office (IPHO).
The escalating incidence of dengue cases in the province prompted the IPHO to organize the task force to combat the dreaded disease.
According to Dr. Alinader Minalang, IPHO head, the most effective activity to fight against the threatening dengue hemorrhagic fever is early prevention by maintaining cleanliness in the surroundings.
The public must practice regular cleaning of the surroundings in order to eliminate and destroy the breeding places of the mosquitoes which are carriers of the dengue fever, he said.
Dengue fever is a major health burden not just in the province but of the entire nation. It is an acute viral disease that causes fever, severe headache, bone and joint pains, nausea, vomiting and prostration. The principal vector is the mosquito called Aedes aegypti.
Minalang said rapid urbanization, climate change, migration of people and poor waste management systems are some factors that have contributed to abundant man-made mosquito breeding places and hence resulted in increasing trend of dengue fever.
On the other hand, Governor Mamintal 'Bombit' Adiong Jr. gave marching orders to his staff to extend whatever help is possible to support the dengue prevention and control program of the IPHO.
Minalang likewise acknowledged and thanked the all-out support of the provincial government in the battle against dengue.
The provincial dengue task force coordination met was well-participated by representatives from the Philippine Medical Association, Philippine Red Cross, Department of Social Welfare and Development, Department of Education, Amai Pakpak Medical Center, Provincial Health Office, five (5) district hospitals in the province, City Health Office, 103rd brigade of the Philippine Army, non-government organizations and the media.

IPHO Lanao del Sur organizes task force to control dengue

Islamic City of Marawi (14 July) -- Faced with the growing number of dengue cases in Lanao del Sur, various stakeholders led by the Integrated Provincial Health Office (IPHO) and the provincial government met yesterday and jointly organized a task force to combat the dreaded dengue disease.
The Provincial Dengue Task Force was formed to increase awareness on the fatal disease and to formulate a plan of prevention and control responsive to the rising number of dengue cases.
IPHO Chief Dr. Alinader Minalang said the task force will strengthen intersectoral coordination and social mobilization to be able come-up with a unified approach to combat the alarming dengue cases in the province.
Present conditions in the province showed that the numbers are increasing as there had been 400 cases and 2 deaths reported from January to July this year alone.
Dengue is the most crucial viral disease and we considered it a year-round public threat so we in the IPHO have embarked on early offensive against it by going through massive information drive such as intensive radio plugging and distribution of IEC materials, school hopping for the conduct of 'search and destroy' operations, as well as other community activities to better inform the public, Minalang said.
However, the Provincial Health Officer stressed that dengue prevention and control calls for a more intensive and collaborative approach.
He cited that unlike other viral diseases, the fight against dengue relies on early prevention and community action.
Minalang likewise called on stakeholders especially local leaders to take emergency measures to combat dengue in their respective communities.
"There is a need for local authority to help. Active local initiative and participation is essential in the fight against dengue," he further said.
"Dengue prevention and control needs collaborative action and we need to act now," Minalang stressed

Feature: Preparedness can save lives

Alert tips in case of flooding

Islamic City of Marawi (14 July) -- Rainy season is here and with the rains come floods.

Here are some alert tips relayed by the Lanao del Sur Integrated Provincial Health Office on what to do in case of flooding.

Turn off the main sources of electricity, gas and water in your home. Stack furniture above the expected flood level and keep appliances, valuables, chemicals, toxic substances and garbage beyond reach of floodwaters.

Avoid low-lying areas, river banks, creeks and coastal areas, slopes, cliffs and foothills considering that rains can trigger landslides, rockslides or mudslides.

Do not operate any electrical equipment during a flood and do not use gas or electrical appliances that have been flooded.

During inclement weather, stay tuned and listened to your local radio or television stations.

Be familiar with the quickest exit routes from your building.

Be prepared to quickly evacuate. If possible, travel during the day to avoid hard-to-see standing water and flood currents.

Flood dangers do not end when the water begins to recede. Do not return to area until authorities indicate it is safe to do so.

If you are driving and come upon a flooded road, turn around and drive the other way. Most cars can be swept away by less than two feet of moving water.

Keep enough emergency supplies in your office, room or car such as first-aid kit, flashlight, candles, matches, comfortable shoes, bottled water, food, batteries and portable radio for up to 72 hours in case of a serious emergency.

Register for cardiopulmonary resuscitation, first-aid or other safety training courses.

Prepare a plan for yourself and your family specifying what to do and where to go.


Emergency preparedness highlights disaster consciousness month celebration in Lanao Sur

Saguiaran, Lanao del Sur (14 July) --- The observance of the national disaster consciousness month here in the province was highlighted by the conduct of emergency preparedness and quick response orientation on the inevitable public hazards and disasters.
The celebration was initiated by the Integrated Provincial Health Office (IPHO) in coordination with the Agus 1 and 2 Hydroelectric Plants and the officials of the host barangays of the National Power Corporation (NPC).
With the theme "Pag-Alerto, Malayo sa Peligro," the celebration aims to orient the participants on the prompt action and response in case of flooding, drowning, electrocution and heart attack.
Both IPHO head Dr. Alinader Minalang and NPC Plant Manager Palawan Lomondaya hope that the participants will be able to benefit from the orientation and will use it during extreme emergencies in their work places and daily life.
The observance is in line with Executive Order 137 signed by former President Joseph Estrada declaring the month of July as National Disaster Consciousness Month underscoring the importance of disaster preparedness, mitigation and prevention.

Solon calls for unity of elected officials in Lanao Sur

Islamic City of Marawi (7 July) -- Representative Pangalian Balindong of the 2nd District of Lanao del Sur called on fellow elected officials to unite in order to attain progress and development.
The re-elected congressman made the call during the mass oath-taking ceremony and 51st Araw ng Lanao del Sur celebration.
He said if they will be united, untoward incidents like the kidnappings and hold-ups will not happen in the province.
"If we are united, peace will reign in the province and development will not be difficult to achieve," he stressed.
Moreover, Balindong disclosed that he intends to file in the 15th Congress the bill creating a Commission for Peace and Reconciliation that will help address the decade-long Mindanao problem.
He said he will also file again the bill creating the Lake Lanao Development Authority.
He likewise assured his constituents that he shall continue to represent them in Congress in the same sense of purpose with dignity and integrity.
Congressman Balindong co-authored the bills creating the National Commission on Muslim Filipinos and the Mindanao Development Authority (MinDA).